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Short & Sweet – The Best Hair Accessories For Short Hair

November 12, 2014

If ever a feature had a title that just calls to me, it’s this one. I have super short hair myself and, as much as I love it, sometimes I do panic rather when an invitation for a special event arrives and I know that exciting updos and amazing transformations are beyond me. This feeling can certainly be compounded when you’re considering hair accessories for your wedding but, fear not, as today I’m going to let you in on some trade (Glitzy) secrets.

Brides with short hair (and I mean anything above chin length) can so often feel that choosing wedding hair accessories is difficult but I promise you, once you know what works well for you, it’s as wonderful as it should be. I hope that this feature makes you happy to be a short haired bride and encourages you to maybe try some different hair accessories because these are going to look amazing…

Hair accessory ideas for short hair brides

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Firstly, side tiaras and headbands are absolutely made for brides with short hair. They look stunning and a piece like the Precious Leaves side tiara (Sold Out) is fabulously extravagant with plenty of Gatsby glamour. It’s a statement piece that works so well with short hair. When you’re choosing a tiara, just make sure that you opt for a band with tension rather than a rigid band that would need pinning into your hair.

If the exuberance of a large piece doesn’t attract, then definitely consider a smaller hair slide or a clip or comb. These are delicate and elegant and look amazing on a shorthaired bride who’s going for a more restrained look or making a statement elsewhere in her outfit. Do make sure you check the weight of anything you choose though so it won’t pull itself out of your hair come the big day.

Hair bands and forehead chains  can also be re-purposed for the shorthaired bride. Why not wear one across the forehead or even ‘Alice’ style? They won’t need to be nested into long hair and you could even change your look around between ceremony and reception. I just adore this Twenties Charm hair band.

Another hair accessory to consider for your wedding day is definitely a chain headpiece. They look perfect on bobs and slick short styles and are easy to attach with a few Kirby grips.

Whilst we’re talking about Kirby grips, a little tip from recent photoshoots is to use two grips placed in an X in a section of hair that you’ve pulled taut and then put your hair accessory over the top. This creates tension and adds a little extra security to hold the weight of your tiara or headpiece.

Aside from these sparkly options, flower crowns, hair flowers and garlands also look excellent on short-haired brides so I hope you agree with me that however short your hair might be, you’ll never be short on options for wedding day hair accessories!

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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