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The Most Beautiful Winter Wedding Dresses

November 16, 2017

If you’re a winter bride, I have to say right now that I’m more than a little bit envious of you. Winter wedding dresses are pretty much my favourite thing ever. A stunning wedding gown is always going to be beautiful but there’s just something about a winter bridal gown that makes my heart skip a beat. If you feel the same then this is the feature for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful winter wedding dresses around…

Beautiful winter wedding dresses for your special day

Images: Top Row Left via Fabmood | Top Row Right via Closer | Second Row Left via The Knot | Second Row Right via Fabmood (as before) | Third Row Left via Whitemag | Third Row Right via Pinterest | Bottom Row Left via Fabmood (as before) | Bottom Row Right via Pinterest (as before)

The perfect winter bridal dress

If you were designing a winter wedding dress, I think there should be a wish-list of the elements that you really have to consider including to make it just perfect for the season. Now I’m not suggesting that you try to find a wedding gown that uses all of these design cues but if you’re a winter bride, then your chosen dress really does need to include a couple of things from this list for winter wonder:

  • Not only are sleeves on a winter bridal dress super practical, they’re also gorgeous and totally on trend. Whether you opt for opaque sleeves to keep you warm or exquisite lace or appliqued sleeves is a matter of personal choice but really, sleeves of some length are a must-have.
  • A contrast in textures can really make a winter wedding dress something very special indeed. Look at designs that have an obvious difference between bodice and skirt for a really gorgeous look.
  • Don’t be afraid to go for colour for your winter wedding. A coloured gown is, of course, a fantastic choice and I really love cool greys and blues in winter. If you’d prefer just a splash of colour, how about a coloured bodice or even colourful embroidery.
  • Oh yes, a winter dress definitely needs embellishments and a hint of sparkle can be a really good thing. I love embellished capes or shrugs or even glamorous sparkles around cuffs and hems.
  • A daring touch. If you’re planning a more glamorous winter affair, then don’t be afraid to bring a daring touch or two to your wedding dress. A thigh split or a revealing back will be sure to attract plenty of admiring glances from guests.
  • Cosy accessories. I really can’t get enough of cosy accessories at winter weddings. Think of big shawls, scarves, wraps and chunky knits when you’re deciding on your bridal ensemble. You can create a really individual look with your accessories and don’t forget, if the temperature plunges, you might be grateful of the extra layer if you’re hoping for romantic couple portraits outside!

A stunning selection of winter bridal gowns

Images: Top Row Left via Pop Sugar | Top Row Right via Let's Get Weddy | Second Row Left via Intimate Weddings | Second Row Right via Fabmood (as before) | Bottom Row Left via Junebug Weddings | Bottom Row Right via Let's Get Weddy (as before)

Now that we’re all dreaming of winter beauty, I’m just going to leave you with a couple of practical tips. Firstly, if you want a winter wedding dress, speak to your bridal boutique before you visit. Make sure that they’ve got styles available for you to try on that meet your criteria and you’re not just going to see rails full of summery styles. Think carefully about your shoes too – strappy styles might not be the best idea if you’re going to be outside in the winter and if you’re ordering any bridal accessories online in the run-up to Christmas, make sure that you leave plenty of extra time for delivery.

OK, I think it’s time that we just scroll back up and just take another look at those heavenly wedding dresses…

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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