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Timeless Ideas For A Classic Vintage Wedding Theme

August 11, 2017

Vintage-inspired weddings have been so incredibly popular for a long time now and with good reason. The past provides so much inspiration and all the various eras of history appeal to us for different reasons. So, a couple’s vintage wedding might include 1950s details, Art Deco details or have a 1970s vibe. However, there are some classic vintage wedding ideas that it’s hard to ignore and today I’m taking my cue from the era when weddings changed forever. Let’s journey back to Victorian times and indulge…

So much of what we now automatically associate with weddings comes from the Victorian era. From white wedding dresses to tiered wedding cakes, the Victorians were the most prolific initiators of wedding trends ever! It’s amazing that so many of the elements that first appeared well over one hundred years ago are still with us now. So, when we start looking at classic vintage wedding ideas, it feels only right that we go for a fabulous Victorian look that’s packed with inspiration you can use with any vintage theme.

Timeless vintage wedding ideas inspiration

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A Classic Vintage Wedding Look

Every era has its signature look and if you’re looking for an authentic vintage look then you need to do a little research. Check out the iconic styles of the time period and base your wedding day ensemble on those. For a Victorian look, decorous lace, buttons, sleeves and a flowing skirt that falls into a puddle train would all be must-haves.

Wearing a tiara was a privilege reserved for married women only so upper-class brides would have been able to first wear the family jewels on their wedding day. With Art Deco jewels for brides being a firm favourite of mine, the Twenties Treasure side tiara from Glitzy Secrets is the ideal style and I also love the effortless chic Deco Dream earrings – the perfect finishing touch.

Vintage wedding ideas inspiration

Images: Top Row via Ruffled | Second Row Left via Etsy | Second Row Right - Deco Dream Earrings by Glitzy Secrets | Third Row Left via Bridal Guide | Third Row Right via English Wedding | Bottom Row Left via Whimsical Wonderland Wedding | Bottom Row Right via English Wedding (as before)

Decorations For A Classic Vintage Wedding

You can really bring your look to life with your wedding decoration and every era can inspire modern day couples. For a Victorian wedding, you absolutely have to stick to homegrown flowers – air freighting just didn’t exist back in the day but Victorian hostesses LOVED flowers. Arrangements were huge and abundance was the key. The Victorians also believed in the ‘language of flowers’ so blooms were chosen for their meanings and this also inspired the design of invitations at the time too.

Every family, even those who definitely weren’t well off, had things for ‘best’ and they liked to entertain ‘properly’. Lace or linen tablecloths are another styling essential and I love these combined with old books, antiques or other period pieces to give a real sense of the time. Battered old trunks, faded family photos, ancient bikes with wicker baskets and even gramophones can all be used to evoke the era and when they’re decorated with flowers, these delights look extra special.

You can even use the period to inspire your entertainment too. The Victorians loved parlour games and simple family fun so set up some games for guests to play. Silhouettes were very popular at the time too and were a simpler, quicker way for people to have their likeness captured than going to an expensive photography studio. Silhouette artists really are fabulous at weddings now and their cutouts make excellent favours or gifts for guests. You can continue this look with cameo details too – how about attaching a cameo brooch to your dress or bouquet?

Truly vintage inspired weddings are just wonderful. They’re absolutely timeless, always interesting and beautiful and you never know what you might learn about your family’s history or the era itself. Vintage weddings never cease to amaze.


Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets


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