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Timelessly Elegant Lace & Pearl Wedding Ideas

June 15, 2017

Lace and pearl – it’s a timeless combination that’s just so beautiful and feminine. It’s no surprise that so many brides use this romantic partnership to create a really elegant and glamorous wedding. If you’re in love with this look, here are some lace and pearl wedding ideas to make you smile…

Lace and pearl wedding ideas

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Lace and pearl bridal style

Lace is absolutely everywhere in the latest designer collections. You’ll find gowns made entirely of lace through to designs that just feature exquisite lace in just one or two areas of the dress. If you’re prefer a slightly more modern take on lace, Katya Katya Shehurina uses coloured slips under lace dresses and this is such a great twist on the traditional gown design.

Embellished wedding dresses are totally on trend right now so if you take a look through the new collections, you’ll find pearls aplenty! On the other hand, if you find a plainer gown that you love, you can always add in some pearls with an embellished belt or even a pearl brooch from Glitzy Secrets.

Of course pearl bridal jewellery is an absolute must. Glitzy Secrets has a huge range of pearls for brides and bridesmaids and you’ll have so many designs to choose from. My favourites for a classically bridal look would be Timeless Elegance Earrings and a Pearl Leaves Hairpin.

Ideas for decorating your wedding

Wedding stationery gives guests the first hint about the style of your day so why not include lace and pearls with your invitation? Laser-cut designs are a fab alternative to fabric embellishments and these are also super luxurious too.

When it comes to your wedding flowers, traditional blooms work best with this look so use lots of romantic flowers including roses, peonies, hydrangeas and anemones alongside delicate ‘fillers’ such as baby’s breath. Wrap the stems of the bouquets in lace and finish with a pearl brooch or pearl-headed pins to complete the look.

Lace works really well against bare wooden tabletops because this highlights the fabric rather than it becoming lost against linen tablecloths. Lace table runners topped with candles and flowers look amazing. You can also tied lengths of lace around vases or jam jars for a perfect finishing touch.

Elegant lace and pearl wedding theme ideas

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Wedding craft ideas with lace

Again, use lengths of lace to decorate chair backs or the chairs along the aisle during your ceremony and don’t forget to check our charity shops for lace tablecloths. These can be repurposed to cover cake tables or, if you’re looking for a wedding DIY project, use them to make a wedding backdrop. Another great way to use various lengths and styles of lace is with embroidery hoops. The hoops can then be used as hanging decorations or groups together to form a backdrop.

Lastly, stock up on paper doilies! These give a great lace look to a huge number of wedding crafts without the cost of lace. Wrap your doilies around menus or use them to make confetti cones – there’s so much that you can do here so just take a quick look on Pinterest for inspiration and fall in love with pearl and lace.

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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