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Wedding Day Photos You Simply Must Capture – Ideas from the Professionals

October 03, 2018

Your wedding photographs are hugely important, they will provide you with memories that you can look back on in years to come, evoking emotions and moments that you felt on your special day. They are something you will treasure forever, so choosing your photographer should really be near the top of your wedding to-do-list.

We’re talking to a number of fabulously talented photographers today about the wedding day photos you need to capture, with hints, tips and inspiration from the professionals. So, let’s get stuck in…

Grace Elizabeth Photography & Film

Delightful duo (and newlyweds) Grace and Mitch capture wedding photography and film, with a romantic, fine art feel.

When it comes to the must-have images, Grace explains, “I think some of the most important photos you can plan for on your wedding day are the photos of the two of you. The couple portraits really capture you both, your story, love for one another and at the end of the day, your wedding is truly about the two of you! We usually take our couples off for about 30 mins to photograph them together & often this can end up being some of the only time they can spend just the two of them on the day, I think it's a really precious time of just slowing down & enjoying each other during the craziness of the day. Other than this I would say the best photos are the unplanned, those little shared moments between the two of you, your family & loved ones. The laughter, the tears. Make sure to pick a photographer who will be on the look-out for & values those special unplanned, often unseen moments which in the end I think will mean the most."

Wedding day photo ideas from Grace Elisabeth Photography and Film

Images via Grace Elizabeth Photo & Film

Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Natural, creative and elegant, Kerry Ann Duffy’s photography style is guaranteed to leave you swooning. Kerry adores photos that capture emotion – whether that’s tears, happiness or excitement.

“Something I always urge my brides to do is to throw their bouquet.  Most people don't want to throw their own as it's so special to them, so it's a good idea to get your florist to make you a smaller one to throw, or to use one of your bridesmaids. It always makes for such fabulous photos and gives everyone a good giggle.”

Wedding day photo ideas from Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Images via Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Liberty Pearl Photography

The setting for your special day will really set the scene for your wedding photographs, and that is something that Amber of Liberty Pearl Photography believes is truly important when it comes to your wedding photographs.

“It’s vital that you plan for exciting photographs, so we can capture you against the stunning backdrop that nature provides, getting to know you both and building a real relationship with you, resulting in imagery that portrays your romance and reflects your love for one another.”

Wedding photo ideas from Liberty Pearl Photography

 Images via The Liberty Pearl Photo & Film Collective

Dominic & Zoe Wright Photography

With a relaxed and unobtrusive approach, Zoe & Dominic create memories that last a lifetime with their modern, stylistic and creative photography style.

The husband and wife team explained, “To us, it’s always nice to try and get an image of the first time a couple get to see each other down the aisle. As there are two of us, we aim to capture this at the same time (although sometimes that’s not always possible). Each couple have their own ideas on what’s important to them, so we make sure we ask them, no photographer is a mind reader, so they can only take the images they see as images unless they are guided by the couple to take what matters to them. We always ask who is important to them before the day, so we make sure we try and capture them, as weddings are about people.”

Wedding photo ideas from Dominic Wright Photography

Images via Dominic Wright Photography

Magda K Photography

With a quirky, creative and informal style of wedding photography that is bursting with colour, Magda K Photography knows a thing or two about capturing your wedding day.

Magda tells us, “For me, the secret of good wedding photos is to capture the story in chronological way from start to finish. The important must have shots include:

  1. Getting ready
  2. All in details: flowers, venue, the dress, cake, make up
  3. Guests arriving
  4. The ceremony
  5. The reception
  6. The speech
  7. The first dance
  8. Couple portraits."

Wedding photo ideas from Magda K Photography

 Images Via Magda K Photography


Written by Lottie - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets



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