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Wedding Table Number Ideas Your Guests Will Love

July 24, 2015

In life (and in weddings), it's often the little touches that matter. When it's time to consider your table decorations, don't forget about those all important table numbers that direct your guests to their seats for the day or evening. You've probably spent a long time considering your wedding theme and colour scheme so don't stop at the final hurdle. Get brainstorming with your other half and think about the most inventive ways to present your table numbers.

Wedding table number ideas

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Years gone by

Give your guests a laugh by choosing pictures from significant milestones in your life, from early childhood right through to those awkward teenage years. Your friends and family will have a good time reminiscing about years gone by and its a great way to break the ice during the wedding breakfast. A popular alternative is to choose baby photographs from the first years of your respective lives from age 1 upwards. Cute alert!

For vintage inspired weddings, consider vintage tea plates adorned with your table details or vintage frames to hold your table numbers and photos.

Marking the date

Test your memory by naming your tables after the most significant milestones in your relationship. Can you remember the first time you said I love you? Or the date you met? Use the days and months that mean something to you both to create truly personal table numbers. Alternatively, list an interesting fact about your relationship for example; "Table 1: The number of years we were together before getting engaged.” It's a great way for guests to learn more about you as a couple.

Or maybe consider naming your tables after places you have visited together or locations which have a significant meaning to you.

Candle counters

Searching for something simple? Set the tone for a romantic evening by bathing your tables in soft candlelight. If you're feeling creative, transfer the relevant numbers onto the candle bases themselves using tracing paper and a marker pen. Alternatively, use candles as a backdrop to illuminate your table numbers proudly. This works well in dimly lit rooms increasing the visibility of the numbers and creates a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.  Flowers can also create a great backdrop for glittered table numbers or how about painted cards? Soft, pretty watercolours work particularly well for this style.

Wedding table number inspiration

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Game of numbers

From Lego numbers to Scrabble tiles, there's something rather nostalgic and retro about including light-hearted board games within traditional wedding decor. Think about your favourite hobbies and find ways to include them in your table settings to add a fun light-hearted touch certain to get your guests reminiscing.

Book art

Fans of the written word will love the trend for book art that we've spotted at several weddings already this summer. Whether its hardbacks carved with hearts and numbers or old fashioned novels opened at relevant chapters, there's a way to use literature to your advantage when setting out your table plan. Include your favourite childhood stories, books you both studied at university or romantic fiction that tells of love-struck couples destined for happily ever after.

Natural world

If maximum value and minimum spend is on your mind it might be time to embrace the outdoors. A rustic woodland theme could include the use of foraged slices of wood which make the perfect props for table numbers. These authentic table settings work well in relaxed surroundings like barns, cottages and large tents where the natural environment goes hand-in-hand with the venue decor. Continuing with the natural theme, consider planting herbs or pretty shrubs in re-purposed silver cans and attaching tags for a short and sweet centrepiece/ table number combo.

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