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Dazzle in Deco Jewellery on Your Wedding Day

Elegant and effortlessly stylish, Art Deco bridal jewellery beautifully complements almost every gown to perfection. Renowned for representing luxurious glamour, the Deco movement's international appeal brought a modern style to the late 1920s and 1930s in Paris, the UK and beyond so it's clear to see why its exquisite modern-vintage charm is still adored by so many brides today.

Style Tips: How to Wear It

  • Instantly recognisable by its chic geometric lines, look for Art Deco style wedding jewellery featuring long rectangular stones or elongated triangular outlines and introduce the shapes in your special day theme.
  • Don't be afraid to go for accents of a coloured gem on your special day. Emerald, ruby or sapphire stones were often contrasted against diamonds for a decadant touch of drama.
  • For a contemporary look, choose a single of piece of jewellery as your focal point such as a pair of long slimline Deco earrings, necklace or an angular bracelet or cuff and keep your aisle style refined.
  • If your dress is encrusted with pearl embellishments, choose complementing detail such as a solitary pearl droplet suspended from an elongated geometric crystal earrings or pendant.
  • Coordinating Art Deco wedding jewellery sets were very popular for a sophisticated look. Consider your own bridal style and go for either a matching two or three piece parure to keep your guests wondering if you're wearing a vintage heirloom.
  • Brooches were a firm favourite during the Art Deco period. The perfect finishing touch to a cape, a jewel encrusted pin can also look fabulous worn high on the shoulder of your gown or secured to the sash on a drop-waist dress.
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