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Vintage Bridal Jewellery for Heirloom Style

Renowned for our vintage-inspired wedding jewellery collection, our designs follow a traditional craftsmanship process for exceptional quality. Every Austrian crystal, cubic zirconia and pearl is meticulously set by hand, with metal finishes including silver, antique pewter, gold and rose gold.

Reflecting the intricacy of period vintage wedding jewellery for brides, our Edwardian and Victorian collections have appeared on TV dramas including Bridgerton. From dainty drop earrings and jewelled necklaces to ornate bracelets, cuffs and embellished brooches, our elaborate designs reflect the grandeur of these bygone decades.

For statement bridal style, our 1920s ‘pieces’ are the epitome of Gatsby glamour. Our long pearl earrings, pendant necklaces and stacked bracelets enhance every drop-waist wedding gown in true Flapper Girl fashion for your special day.

As featured on Downton Abbey and Peaky Blinders, our Art Deco collection of vintage wedding jewellery is simply heirloom-worthy. Chic angular lines and geometric silhouettes create a look that is effortlessly timeless.

Our 1930s, 1940s and 1950s ranges are the essence of Old Hollywood style. Influenced by antique jewellery worn by the Starlets of the Silver Screen, our Austrian crystal and cubic zirconia chandelier and clip on earrings add the perfect touch of 1940s classic glamour. For a look worthy of the 1950s Hollywood greats, our delicate pearl vintage bridal jewellery sets are the essence of refined style.

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