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10 Beautiful Mother Of The Bride Moments

March 18, 2016

Whilst struggling over your guest list might seem like a never-ending chore at times, there are quite clearly people who you wouldn’t dream your wedding without and for most brides, their Mum is right at the top of that list. And for good reason because, let’s face it, Mums are just all kinds of ace and you’ll want your maternal superstar by your side on the day and in the build up to the wedding. Yes, there might be a few tense moments along the way but here are ten beautiful moments that you absolutely must share with the Mother of the Bride…

Precious mother of the bride moments

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1. Celebrating The Engagement

Your engagement the first step on the road to wedded bliss and your Mum will want to celebrate with you. How about a girls’ dinner where you can share all of the details and exciting thoughts that are flying around in your head when that ring is on your finger? Show your Mum that she’s still a huge part of your life and you’ll have the most committed supporter on your side throughout your wedding planning journey.

2. Dress Shopping

Remember when you were a little girl and your Mum used to help you dress up? Well, now’s your chance to play dress up one last time. Taking your Mum dress shopping is a wonderful thing to do and I have no doubt that you’ll know when you’ve found ‘the one’ just from the look on your Mum’s face when you step out of the fitting room in the gown that makes you look even more amazing.

3. Nervous Moments

Planning a wedding can be an emotional rollercoaster and when you’re having nervous moments or even a little problem or two, your Mum is the person to turn to. Mums always know how to make everything all right and she’ll move heaven and earth to make sure that you’re ok. Don’t keep secrets from your Mum, tell her when you’re not feeling great and let her trademark hug wrap you up.

4. The Morning

Having your Mum by your side on the morning of the wedding is an absolute must. Whether she’s making tea for the photographer or helping her little girl get dressed for one last time, she’ll be there doing everything for you. Why not put a few moments aside to give her a special thank you gift such as a piece of Mother of Bride jewellery or a beautiful bouquet.  And that moment when you slip on your gown and she sees you, as a bride, must be one of the most emotionally charged parts of the day.

5. Walking Down The Aisle

I absolutely love to see brides supported by their Mum as they walk down the aisle. It’s a demonstration of strength and love and pride and it’s just fantastic. I can’t look at a photo of a Mother and bride at this moment without welling up so imagine how it would feel having your Mum holding your hand for this once-in-a-lifetime walk.

Moments with the bride and her mother on her wedding day

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6. Ceremony Moments

If your Mum would like to be part of the ceremony, there are still ways to get involved. Maybe a reading would be a good idea or even just asking her to be a witness can be equally special. Of course, if she’d just like to watch you marry the person that you love then that’s simply perfect, especially if she thinks she might be a little overwhelmed then allowing her the space to take it all in is most definitely the right thing to do. Remember those times when Mum just let you have a little cry without making a big deal about it? This is your opportunity to return the favour!

7. Speeches

Now, whilst your Mum might not want to stand up and make a speech (but all power to her if she does!), perhaps you should. Even a few words from you telling everyone why she’s oh-so brilliant and giving her a little gift might reduce you both to tears but if there’s one day that’s all about demonstrating your love for others, it’s your wedding day so take this chance to tell her how you feel.

8. Dancing

I’m sure I’m not the only one who used to dance with their Mum when they were little so why not dance with her on your wedding day? Choose a suitable song and when it’s played during your evening reception, get her on the dance floor for a mother-and-daughter moment unlike any other.

9. Goodbyes

Please don’t forget your Mum at the end of the night. If you’re heading off, take some time out to say a goodbye to this fabulous woman who’s supported you throughout your life and will continue to do so even though you’re married. Say goodbye, say thank you and say it from the heart.

10. Reliving It All

Once your big day is over, it’s time to say goodbye to the wedding and hello to the marriage. But, it’s great to relive it all and if anyone will want to go through all the details of the day again and again, it’s your Mum. She’ll always want to look at photos and hear your stories so arrange a coffee, a spa day or just invite her over for supper and talk about the day you shared. Together.

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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