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15 Travel Wedding Ideas For The Adventurous Couple

September 25, 2017

Grab your passport and let’s escape! There’s no doubt about it – travel themed weddings are as popular as ever and with good reason. You can celebrate your own travels, indulge your wanderlust or give your theme a vintage twist and an old-school vibe. Whatever your style, here are 15 travel inspired wedding details for the adventurous couple and I know you’re just going to love them…

Travel wedding ideas for the adventurous couple

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  1.  We all love wedding favours so how about packing little gifts for your guests inside mini suitcases? If you’re making these yourself, you can find templates and instructions online and the super cute addition of the striped string is the perfect finishing touch
  2. Give your guests a hint of your wedding theme when you send out your invitations with envelope liners made from maps! This is a really easy way to personalise plain envelopes too.
  3. If you’re a well-travelled couple, why not base your wedding canapés on delicacies you’ve sampled on your journeys together? You could even take this further and add iconic dishes from your favourite country to your wedding menu.
  4. Globes make the perfect wedding decoration for a travel inspired wedding. Use them as centrepieces on your table or add quotes, instructions and wedding day info to make cool wedding signs.
  5. Your wedding cake is always a focal point of the day so make sure that it’s on-theme too. I love seeing cakes with map-covered layers or boasting travel-inspired toppers.
  6. When so many venues aren’t keen on confetti, why not give guests flags to wave instead? Choose countries that you have links to or just opt for those you’d like to visit.
  7. Lighting is always so atmospheric so why not use lots of light-up globes to create the perfect wedding look?
  8. An eye-catching backdrop is a must-have for your wedding ceremony and a big map, out-size paper airplanes and an appropriate quote can create something very special.
  9. Don’t just name your tables after cities you love, use the city itself to decorate the table! Use iconic landmarks and more for one-of-a-kind decorations.
  10. If you’re always at the airport and know the difference between LAX, LIN and LGW then use your knowledge to name your tables! Set out little airport tags for each guest to show them their seating assignments or opt for a big arrivals board inspired table plan.
  11. Nothing brings a wedding theme to life quite like the right props and really, what could be better for a travel inspired wedding than stacks of suitcases and trunks? Pile them up as large-scale decorations; use them as receptacles for gifts and cards or as a clever cake table.
  12. Everyone LOVES a photo booth at a wedding and what could be better for a travel themed reception than a passport photo booth? Don’t worry, you’re definitely allowed to smile, wear glasses or even don silly hats and accessories for these snaps!
  13. It’s always great to tell guests what’s going on at your wedding so why not put together your own departures board to show them the timings of the most important parts of the day?
  14. Postcards are great mementoes of special times and you can definitely include them in your wedding plans. Postcards make a perfect alternative wedding guest book. Let guests choose their favourite card and then ask them to write a message for you before ‘posting’ it for you to read later.
  15. Whether you’re planning an amazing honeymoon, looking forward to travels together, honouring your international guests or just in love with all the wonderful locations around the world, a statement sign with lots of cities listed is a great talking point and a brilliant decoration.

Travel themed wedding inspiration

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So it’s time for me to fly right now. Happy planning and even happier travels!


Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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