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Chic & Elegant Art Deco Wedding Inspiration

January 03, 2017

Oh the 1930s, possibly the most under-appreciated decade of the Twentieth Century! We so often leap from the Roaring Twenties straight into the War Years and miss this beautiful period altogether. The 1930s saw the last years of true old-school glamour and the strong geometric lines of the 1920s were softened so style became simply beautiful rather than being designed to shock. If you’re looking for a chic and elegant era to inspire your wedding theme then you need look no further than the 1930s…

1930s Art Deco Wedding Theme Ideas

Images: Top Row via Chic Vintage Brides | Second Row Left via Style Me Pretty | Second Row Right - Deco Darling Earrings by Glitzy Secrets | Third Row Left via Weddingomania | Third Row Right via Wedding Star | Bottom Row Left via Mon Cheri Bridals | Bottom Row Right via Ruffled

The first thing to say is that a 1930s inspired wedding simply can’t be too glamorous or too elegant. Imagine yourself as a society hostess or an aristocrat looking to impress their select guests and you won’t go far wrong. Everything should be incredibly refined and whilst you’re taking inspiration from some of the things that were new in the 1930s, this era is all about luxury.

So, with that in mind, let’s talk about your gown. Obviously, in 1930s inspired dresses, you’ll still see lots of the styling cues that we all know and love from the 1920s but there’ll be a softer, more sophisticated side to things. Fabulously cut dresses that drape the figure to perfection are just what you need and designers such as Kate Beaumont do this brilliantly. Embellishments should be kept to a minimum and the fabric should be as fine as possible. Think of silks, light satins and delicate laces for your ensemble and that of your bridesmaids too.

When it comes to your accessories, Glitzy Secrets, of course, has everything you need. My favourite pieces from their Vintage Wedding Collection would be the stunning Deco Darling Earrings and the Deco Extravagance Tiara, neither of which would look out of place at a society ball.

Grooms should definitely take their inspiration from a time when men still dressed for dinner and so black tie is the ideal dress code. A look on Pinterest for 1930s black tie inspiration will show you the perfect cut and lines if you want to be historically accurate and do urge your man to practice tying a ‘proper’ black tie so he can undo it later in the evening for a rather irresistible look!

Vintage Art Deco inspiration for your wedding theme

Images: Top Row Left via Happy Wedd | Top Row Right via Mod Wedding | Second Row Left - Deco Extravagance Tiara by Glitzy Secrets | Second Row Right via Fab Mood | Bottom Row Left via Ruffled (as before) | Bottom Right via It's Your Big Day

Another important part of your 1930s inspired wedding is your venue and again, luxury and style must rule the day! A few of my top picks would be Burgh Island or Eltham Palace, both of which you’ll recognise from countless period dramas and, when you and your guests step inside, you’ll feel like you’ve managed to time travel right back to the 30s.

Now you’ve got your perfect venue, you’ll need to decorate it and take your inspiration from the grand dinners and stylish soirees of the era. Green, gold and black was still a popular colour palette in the 1930s so how about gold vases, decadent table linens, candlelight and colour coordinating flowers? The 1930s were certainly opulent but there was a sense of the new too so using hothouse botanicals would be a great idea.

For your stationery and other details, typical Art Deco fonts are certainly the ones to use although, as I’ve already mentioned, you should opt for softer lines for patterns and motifs rather than the typical 1920s geometrics. More curls and flourishes and fewer hard edges and angles will give you a chic yet refined look. Of course, now 1930s party would be complete without champagne so make sure there’s plenty on hand to help you celebrate!

I hope this little look at the most elegant of decades has inspired you to look again at the 1930s for your wedding theme. I promise you that you won’t regret it!

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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