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Gerbera Wedding Flowers for the Happiest Bouquet

July 07, 2017

If there’s a flower that makes you happier than gerberas, I’m yet to find it. They’re bright, they’re bold, they’re super cute and pretty and they’re absolutely perfect for weddings. From cakes to bouquets to inspiration for the rest of your day, gerberas really are all you need. So, for a huge helping of floral fun on your big day, here are a few ideas for fantastic gerbera wedding flowers…

Gerbera wedding bouquet ideas

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Gerberas To Suit Your Wedding Theme

One of the very best things about gerberas is that they come in such a HUGE range of colours. There are pastels, neutrals and bright shades aplenty and this wide colour palette is one of the reasons why gerberas have become so popular. However, my favourite way to use this iconic bloom is as part of a bright colour theme that’s all about joy and fun. However, if you’d prefer a softer, more romantic look then simply substitute your colours for mine and the end result will be just as brilliant!

Bouquets & Buttonholes

I love bridal bouquets and I have to admit that my favourite look of all is the wild, undone, unstructured bouquets that we’re seeing everywhere at the moment. I think these work well with so many styles of weddings and they seem to showcase flowers so well too. Instead of tightly packed posies, the flowers are just allowed to be themselves. So often, we see gerberas used alone in that rigid style in bridal bouquets but let me tell you, they look amazing when the bouquet is more freeform. I love seeing gerberas used alongside other flowers in bouquets so choose some big blowsy blooms, such as dahlias, and then add in some more delicate flowers and greenery as the all-important finishing touch.

Gerberas could have been created with buttonholes in mind! They’re so perfect, especially because the flower points the right way for everyone to see it! Again, go for the multicolour look with all the guys wearing a different colour buttonhole or simply give the groom a different shade to the groomsmen. I like to see a little bit of greenery with the buttonhole to give contrast and you can link this in with your bouquets too if you like.

Ideas for including gerberas in your wedding flowers

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Gerbera Wedding Decorations

Now, when it comes to decorations for your wedding, you can really run wild when you work with gerberas! Not only are the flowers themselves so great but they can also inspire so many other details too. Here are just a few of my favourite wedding decorations that are perfect for a gerbera wedding:

  1. Gerbera heads threaded onto twine or string make a brilliant backdrop for your ceremony or top table.
  2. Tie mini posies of gerberas to chairs and use bright seat pads and coloured ribbons for added impact.
  3. Use gerberas as inspiration for your cake decoration to really join-up your theme.
  4. Potted gerberas along long tables make great decorations then use coloured glassware and trailing ribbons tied to chair backs for a really pretty look.
  5. Take the colours from your gerberas and use big paper pompoms, paper lanterns, pinwheels, streamers, bunting or hanging ribbon hoops in matching colours throughout your day for big, impactful decorations that might be more cost effective than flowers.
  6. Keep everything fun with cute lollipop favours and brightly decorated games.

So you see, gerberas can inspire your whole wedding – they really are the perfect flower!

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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