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Grown Up Fairytale Wedding Ideas For Your Happily Ever After

October 08, 2016

If you dreamed of the perfect fairytale wedding day when you were a little girl then just because you are all grown up now, doesn’t mean that you have to give up your dream of that magical day. We take a look at how to give fairytale wedding style an injection of grown up glam. Browse some of our favourite ideas below.

Pretty fairy tale wedding theme ideas

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Let your guests know that you are about to marry your very own Prince Charming by sending a fairytale-inspired wedding invitation. Stationery that features classic lines like ‘Once upon a time’ and ‘Happily ever after’ will be the perfect nod to your wedding theme and will have your guests looking forward to your magical wedding day.

If you are planning a true fairytale wedding then it’s pretty much the law that you need to get married in a beautiful castle wedding venue – and you’re in luck because the UK is full of them! From the modern and chic to the truly historic, you will have a wide range of choice as you start to look for the perfect castle wedding venue for your big day and will be able to find the perfect location to show off your signature style.

Once you have the perfect castle wedding venue for your special day then it’s time to start thinking about your wedding gown. Stay true to princess style by choosing a beautiful ballgown with a fitted bodice and a voluminous skirt that will give you that true fairytale feel. Complete the look with a Glitzy Secrets crystal tiara to make sure you really feel like a princess.

If you are looking for the perfect fairytale bridal bouquet then consider a waterfall design – this is when the flowers trail down into a waterfall effect. It’s a fabulous statement bouquet style that always photographs amazingly and works beautifully against a ballgown wedding dress. Smaller bouquets could look a little lost so this statement style will balance with the ballgown skirt beautifully.

Inspiration for a grown up fairy tale wedding theme

Images: Top Row Left via Kristen Booth | Top Row Right via Little Flamingo | Second Row via Kristen Booth (as before)  | Bottom Row Left via Addington Palace | Bottom Row Right via Madeline Gardner

Make sure your wedding photographer understands your fairytale vision as then they can capture your photos in that dreamy style that you are looking for. If you have chosen a castle venue then make sure you capture all the extra special details like the turrets and the amazing silhouette of the castle in the background of your photos.

For something to really wow your guests, give your wedding venue a magical feel by decorating the aisle with trees and flowers to create your very own indoor enchanted forest. You can also get some beautiful Happily Ever After Signs that will be stunning in the background of your wedding pictures – or go bold and have a backdrop created using your favourite fairytale! You could use it as a backdrop for your vows and then move it to your reception for the ultimate fairytale photo booth.

Then you can leave your wedding in style by hiring a horse and carriage where you can leave your big day and start your very own happily ever after!

Written by Caroline - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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