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It Takes Two: Bridal Separates You'll Adore

November 03, 2015

There’s no doubt about it – working in the wedding industry really is fantastic. I love every aspect of my work but, if I had to choose a favourite part of it, I would have to say that gazing at beautiful wedding dresses really is the biggest and best perk of the job! At the moment, there’s one trend that I’m totally in love with and that’s bridal separates…

The two-piece bridal ensemble is just so perfect in so many ways. A top and skirt is stylish, different and full of possibilities. Whatever style of wedding you’re planning and whatever style of outfit suits you and your body best, you’re sure to find something spectacular in the amazing array of designs out there that you’re absolutely going to love.

Bridal separates ideas

Images: Top Row Left via One Fab Day by 2 Bride Photography | Top Row Right via The Lane | Second Row Left via Green Wedding Shoes by Mirelle Carmichael Photography | Second Row Right via Refinery 29 by Winne Au | Third Row Left via Houghton | Third Row Right via Green Wedding Shoes (as before) by J Wiley Photography | Bottom Row Left via Green Wedding Shoes (as before) by Charla Storey | Bottom Row Right via Ruffled by Arina B Photography

As for me, what do I love about bridal separates? Well, firstly I adore the versatility. I love that you can have a long loose top or a tight crop top, a billowing tulle skirt or a knee length fifties number. I love the fact that they can be glamorous, elegant, and bohemian or that little bit quirky. In fact, a bridal two-piece can be anything you want it to be.

I also love the opportunities that they provide – you can mix up fabrics and styles in one outfit and in fact, bridal separates work best when there’s contrast. Lace tops or cashmere knits teamed with silk skirts, fringing or feathers atop heavy satin skirts, pleats and embellishments, colours and patterns, you really can do it all with a two piece ensemble.

Separates also give you the chance to really pack plenty of personality into your wedding outfit. If you’re known for loving a bright colour for example, you can choose a top in that colour or add belts and sashes to style your look to perfection. Find ways of bringing lots of yourself into your outfit!

Bridal separates inspirations

Images: Top Row Left via Love My Dress by Photos by Zoe | Top Row Right via Junebug Weddings by White Smoke Studio | Second Row Left via One Fab Day (as before) by Campbell Photography | Second Row Right via Style Me Pretty by Coco Tran | Third Row Left via Style Me Pretty (as before) by  | Third Row Right via One Wed | Fourth Row Right via Wedding Inspirasi | Bottom Row Left via Love My Dress (as before) by Infra Ordinario | Bottom Row Right via Aster & Olive Photography

Another big plus for separates is the flexibility that they offer. You can mix and match designers as easily as you can mix and match styles and add a high street top to a designer skirt for example or bring together elements from two different collections to create your perfect ensemble. There really are no rules with separates!

Let’s also remember that if you love vintage, separates are perfect. Not only did brides wear smart suits for their weddings right into the mid Twentieth century but also if you own or are lucky enough to find a genuine vintage top, you could wear it for your wedding once you’ve found the perfect skirt to go with it. Instead of trying to find original wedding dresses from years gone by, you simply need source one element of your ensemble and that’s much easier to achieve.

So I urge you to consider separates – even if you think you’re absolutely set on a gown, try something a little different. You might surprise yourself because it’s not the dress that makes you the bride, it’s the fact that you’re about to get married that does that…

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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