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Perfect Protea Wedding Flower Ideas

June 07, 2017

Beautiful proteas have been a popular wedding flower for many years in South Africa, Australia and parts of America, but UK brides are starting to catch on and we predict that proteas – also known as sugarbushes – are looking to be a big trend for 2018 brides!

Stunning protea wedding bouquet ideas

Images: Top Row via Modern Wedding | Second Row Left via Bridal Musings | Second Row Right via Clementine Botanical Art | Third Row Left via Brides | Third Row Right via Etsy | Fourth Row Right via Martha Stewart Weddings | Bottom Row via Weddbook

These statement blooms come in a range of gorgeous colours – from delicate blush tones through to vibrant pinks and corals. So whether you are planning a pretty pastel wedding day or something colourful and vibrant, there will be a shade that is perfect for your special day.

These unusual flowers are said to represent diversity and courage and come in a range of sizes and varieties. Oversized proteas are large sturdy versions that are great for bridal bouquets and larger centrepieces and are known as king and queen proteas. Pin cushion proteas have a more wiry structure and are perfect for mixing with other flowers to create a beautiful bouquet. The aptly named blushing bride protea has lighter petals and a pretty dusky pink colour, making it ideal for a whimsical and romantic wedding day.

Give your guests a hint towards your floral trend by sending protea themed wedding invites, a talented stationery maker will be able to create you the most stunning hand illustrated invitations, featuring your on-trend flower of choice. I love how this floral invitation style is just so different to more traditional wedding flowers such as peonies, roses and lilies.

If you have chosen proteas for your bridal bouquet then you will be able to have so much fun when picking the colour and style of your blooms. Oversized proteas can be bound in ribbon and will create the perfect statement bouquet that is simple and elegant. Smaller blooms can be mixed together with roses, peonies and greenery to create a gorgeous summery style. Or mix your proteas with darker berry tones for a dreamy winter bouquet.

Protea wedding flower ideas

Images: Top Row via Brides (as before) | Second Row Left via Bridal Musings (as before) | Second Row Right via Martha Stewart Weddings (as before) | Third Row Left via Blooming Wonderful | Third Row Right via Majestic Weddings | Bottom Row via Weddbook (as before)

Proteas don’t have to be limited to your bridal bouquet, you can also have your florist create stunning bridesmaid bouquets in a simple uniform style – you will be able to get some amazing wedding photos with these striking bouquets! Not forgetting the buttonholes, miniature proteas will be hardy enough to look fresh all day long and make perfect buttonholes.

When it comes to your wedding décor, you will be able to get so creative with proteas. If you are planning a rustic style wedding day then cut the stems short and use glass jam jars as vases. For something more glamorous and elegant, team pale pink proteas with silver or white vases. The larger king proteas will look great as standalone centrepieces – just a single bloom in a wine bottle or thin-necked vase. Or mix smaller blooms with some of your other favourite flowers for a relaxed and elegant overall look.

Whether you love the bold and oversized proteas or prefer the more delicate blushing bride style, speak to your florist and find the style that is perfect for your wedding day.

Written by Caroline - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets

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