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The Most Beautiful Bronze and Blush Wedding Ideas

July 31, 2017

If there’s one wedding trend that I’ve been crushing on for a while now, it’s metallics. I love the contemporary edge that metallics bring to a wedding theme but I’m also a romantic. That’s why this gorgeous bronze and blush wedding theme is just all kinds of perfect. Take a look and get inspired…

Bronze and blush wedding ideas

Images: Top Row Left via Etsy | Top Row Right via Twobirds Bridesmaid | Second Row Left - Misty Rose Earrings by Glitzy Secrets | Second Row Right via Deer Pearl Flowers | Third Row Left via Hey Wedding Lady by Carlie Statsky | Third Row Right - Misty Rose Hair Comb by Glitzy Secrets | Bottom Row Left via Deer Pearl Flowers (as before) | Bottom Row Right via MOD Wedding

A bronze & blush colour wedding

What’s so great about a bronze and blush colour palette? Well, blush is just about the most popular colour in the wedding world right now. It’s delicate, pretty, flattering and beautiful beyond words. Bronze is the perfect counterpoint – it’s a bit bold, a bit glam and a little more unexpected than some of the other metallic tones out there.

Depending on the look you want to achieve, you simply balance the colours accordingly. For a more ethereal, feminine look, make sure that blush is the dominant colour and for a stronger, more modern look, use more bronze. Take your inspiration from your venue and, most importantly, yourselves.

Your wedding look

Now I don’t think that you can ever go wrong with a softly coloured wedding dress. Not only do they flatter more skin tones that whites and ivories, they’re also elegant in the extreme. A fabulous blush wedding dress is an absolutely must and look for soft tulle skirts for the ultimate look.

When it comes to accessories, Glitzy Secrets most definitely have all you need. I just love their collection of pink wedding jewellery and hair accessories which include Misty Rose earrings and Misty Rose Headband – the soft colours, the sparkle, the classic design just make these the perfect wedding accessories for this look.

When it comes to your maids, you’ve got a choice. You can keep their look soft and feminine like yours or add in the metallic here with some strong bronze gowns. Whatever you decide, you’ll all look fabulous.

Blush and bronze wedding inspiration ideas

Images: Top Row Left via Popsugar | Top Row Right via MOD Wedding (as before) by Erica O'Brien Cakes | Second Row Left - Misty Rose Headband by Glitzy Secrets | Second Row Right via Deer Pearl Flowers (as before) | Third Row Left via I Take You by Katelyn James Photography | Third Row Right via Deer Pearl Flowers (as before) | Bottom Row Left via Style Me Pretty by Michelle Boyd Photography | Bottom Row Right via Pinterest

Wedding décor and design

Deciding on all of the decorations and details is another big job and this is where your wedding theme really comes alive. Again, keep in mind whether you’re going for a soft, romantic look (more blush than bronze) or a more contemporary, urban vibe in which case you’ll need more bronze than blush!

Some of my favourite details that would work with this wedding theme are:

  • Loose, unstructured flower arrangements tumbling from bronze vases and urns.
  • Metallic candleholders surrounded by soft blooms.
  • Bronze tablecloths – although I would use these sparingly, perhaps just on the cake table.
  • Metallic flourishes on cakes and stationery.
  • Champagne glasses with rims that have been dipped into edible bronze glitter or mini champagne bottles with bronze details.
  • Table plans with bronze tags denoting seating assignments (these could double as favours if you design the tags to be keyrings too).
  • Fantastic backdrops in your choice of colours that can sit behind the top table, ceremony or dancefloor.

Oh yes, bronze and blush, you really are the perfect pair…

Written by Tamryn - Blogger at Glitzy Secrets



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