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Pearl Hair Combs for Wedding Day Elegance

The essence of timeless elegance, it's easy to understand why a pearl bridal hair comb is the choice of many brides. A beautifully stylish option to complement your wedding day jewels, the lustre of pearls ensure they enhance both modern and vintage aisle styles. Whether you have opted for a timeless chic updo or are leaving your hair in tumbling waves, our collection of pearl hair combs for weddings will complement your special day look with charm and elegance.

Our Bride Says: "I LOVE this hair comb! I wore it on my wedding day and it was just the classic yet statement piece I was looking for. The quality of the piece is also outstanding for the price. There is a lot of detail and although it is a heavy piece it stayed in my hair all day without slipping! Loved it!" Charlie

The Perfection of Pearls

  • Which metallic? A gold bridal hair comb with pearls is perfect to add a luxurious style to your wedding hair, whilst rose gold will provide a romantic on trend modern touch. Pearls set on a silver tone instantly ooze a classic and timeless glamour which complements most bridal styles.
  • Placement is key when adding an adornment to your bridal hair. Hair combs look so elegant along the fold of a French pleat or nestled in a chignon. For brides opting for a 1920s look, a Gatsby inspired comb placed at the temple looks fabulous. A more classic style can be achieved by setting a 1950s pearl embellished piece in a chic side bun.
  • A pink pearl hair comb for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls who wish to incorporate a hint of colour gives a pretty touch. Complement a rose wedding theme or add a few blush touches to your bouquet for a romantic and feminine look.
  • For a subtle look, scatter several small pearl wedding hair combs throughout your hair - especially perfect for a Boho vibe or a loosely wavy half-up style.
  • Larger combs can add statement glamour adding a more dramatic, bold look which dress up your look with a touch of Old Hollywood. A stunning look for fans of vintage bridal style.
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